The Right Vehicle Dealer Marketing Goes a Long Way November 03 2014

Vehicle dealer marketing isn’t about cramming all the sales materials you can find into your dealership. It’s about selecting and refining materials that fit your specific promotions and your unique needs.

Here at SIAB, we have an expression we use when we talk about assembling kits from assets bought at various dealers. We call it ‘piece mealing’. The difference in value when you buy various vehicle dealer marketing materials from different merchandising stores is evident to your customers.

Vehicle Dealer Marketing Supplies

For instance, you can’t be sure that a ‘royal blue’ at one web store is going to be exactly the same as another company’s royal blue –and so on. The frustration here is that after you shell out all that money on your materials, you may end up with something you still can’t really use.

Imagine how frustrating it is to go from place to place, looking for the right materials. Better yet, imagine how frustrated you’ll feel when you work with a company that doesn’t provide you exactly what you need, and charges exorbitant fees to a la carte all these different items when you could be buying your vehicle dealer marketing supplies from one convenient place?

We're Always Here

We’re here for dealers – we create marketing materials that ensure you get everything you need in one place for that perfect sale. It’s how we operate. And if you have specific questions on a box or order – or want to place a special order – we’re always here to help! We chat with customers on a daily basis and we’re glad to talk to you about that special box.