Holiday Car Dealer Marketing: What We Offer November 10 2014

Our huge discount clearance is going on right now, and we’re excited. We have plenty of loose inventory we’re glad to move off the shelves. Have you heard about the big sale?

Car dealer marketing is our business and we all know the end of the year is a great time to get your dealership’s special sale going. Your customers need you to give them options so they’re sure they’re getting the most out of their marketing materials and moving cars off the lot. We’re happy to help with some of the following great holiday themes:

Holiday Inventory Wipeout

This is one of our favorite themes because it really sells for our customers. Clients see holiday sales everywhere and are pretty used to it by now – but when it comes to a larger ticket item like a care, emphasizing your dealership is doing something a little different for the holidays can set the right attitude in your dealership.

Turkey Day Trade-a-Way

We all know Thanksgiving is this month. While many of us are preparing for holiday sales, we tend to forget Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s time to take advantage of some Thanksgiving holiday advertising to get clients in the mood to buy. Many people look for November or year-end sales, so this type of advertising can be highly effective in terms of getting customers into the dealership to buy.

We’re also happy to Create a Box for you! Many of our customers are now taking advantage of this special offer to create customized collateral that really performs.

Happy Holidays!