Car Dealership Marketing the Right Way November 21 2014

You want to get customers engaged and excited – of course you do. That’s a big part of the experience that makes sure you’re selling cars and hitting your numbers. Excitement comes not only from the enthusiasm of your work force – particularly your sales team – but also from the kind of stage you set when customers enter your business and prepare to buy from you.

We create sales collateral for dealerships because we know this business. The people behind the screens here at Sale-In-A-Box are seasoned veterans when it comes to car sales. Many of us have been automotive salespeople in the past, so we know what it takes to create the attitudes that will sell cars. With the right environment, the sales you’re looking for can happen.


Setting the Stage


Take a look at our “How It Works” section to get some ideas on where to hang the collateral you purchase from us. In addition to placement, timing is one key point we focus on throughout our promotional emails. It’s key to make sure your posters, banners, balloons and pennant flags are hung up at the appropriate time. If you don’t have a marketing calendar ready, it makes sense to sit down, plans things out and purchase your kits well before those sales get started.

We’d be glad to help you create your own box or design custom marketing materials for you. It’s all part of the service we provide – and with our create-your-own-box deal, you can customize your experience so you’ll get exactly what you need.