How to Have a Successful Sales Event August 04 2015

Those in the know; know that successful sales events require a lot of planning! It’s important that your sales team is on board with your concept and understands the expectations required of them. It all starts with a sales team meeting to pass along pertinent information about an upcoming sale and to boost your employee’s attitudes and confidence!

Make sure you have plenty of time to display the marketing material from Sale in a Box: start at least the day before the sale is to kick off! Getting your showroom floor sales ready requires commitment from your sales team to create an environment that’s visible both inside and outside of the showroom floor. If your employees say ‘wow’ to the concept and promotional materials, your customers are sure to follow!

Banners can be hung in the showroom floor or on the front of your building to advertise your sale and highlight the cars on the showroom floor! Banners from Sale in a Box are bright, large, and easily visible from both inside and outside the dealership. Hang the banners between two sturdy fixtures and if you’re hanging them outside or in a windy area, make sure to follow the directions to ensure airflow!

If you’ve got an extra special vehicle on display, pennant string is an easy and affordable way to not only showcase the vehicle but to create a barrier so customers know they aren’t to touch the car! Our pennants are crafted to create an eye-catching display and can be used inside or outside. Get one of our starter kits and get started today!