Prepare for End of Summer Madness! August 11 2015

Have you thought about the end of summer rush that you can expect at your dealership this year? End of summer means students returning to school, college kids leaving the nest, and can spell big dividends for your dealership, but only if you plan for it!

Don’t be caught off guard as the summer season winds down: Sale in a box has everything you need to run a successful marketing campaign. From our Sizzlin’ Summer banner with bright orange and red lettering that really stands out, to our Baseball themed banner that celebrates the sport of summer, we have all your needs covered!

If you need to go back to basics, our starter kit is perfect! But if you’re in the mood for something that’s a little more personalized, we can help with that. Our Create Your Own Box allows you to add your own themes and logos to a number of our items including banners, hang tags, pens, and a wide assortment of other promotional material.

Sale in a Box can also work with you to come up with customized radio and television spots, boosting your marketing at a critical time! Radio and TV spots showcase the enthusiasm surrounding your dealership and can really bring in the customers!

The more assets that you have to advertise and market to your customers, the better! The excitement to build your business will continue through the Fall but now is the time to spread word of mouth and build those solid relationships that mean repeat business for your dealership!


Memorial Day Madness - Car Dealer Holiday Supplies May 24 2015

Don’t be caught off guard this Memorial Day weekend as “it typically marks the start of the summer”. Too often we are waiting for the weather to be better and warmer before we start our sales events! Before you know it that weekend will be here!

Let your customers know you are ready for them by being prepared with our patriotic Memorial Day Madness themed kit or our patriotic Red White & Blue theme with added red white and blue balloons to show your community and your customers you are ready to make some deals and sells to start off their summer with a new vehicle they can drive on their vacation this year!

Keep in mind that if you're in the mood for a starter kit, we've got something for you. Our memorial day car dealership marketing supplies are meant to give your dealership the boost you need to take things to the next level. Plus, our top-notch customer service is always available to get you to where you need to be with your customers.

We're happy to work with you to create a custom Memorial Day Kit - including custom car dealer radio and TV spots - to really dazzle your customers and help you to sell more cars than ever.

Remember, if you don’t sell we don’t sell! Our business is boosted every day by the success of your own car dealership marketing efforts - let us show you how our marketing can help you take things to the next level for your business and your customers.

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