Auto Dealer Event Supplies September 19 2014

When it comes to finding the right auto dealer event supplies for your dealership, don’t just look at getting the most for the lowest price – think about your audience, the time of year and what promotions your dealership will be running in the future.


Any auto marketing supply company can have great out-of-the-box packages, but typically add-ons cost a ton more. Very rarely will you find everything you need in one simple box. At Sale-In-A-Box, we strive to be different. Every pennant, balloon set and banner we put in our boxes give you the auto dealer event supplies that will allow a uniform look and a complete branding package.


Nailing the Right Attitude


If you’d like to go with special colors that match your dealership’s theme, it’s much easier to get materials that all come in one box and work together rather than piece mealing the advertising materials you need. You’ll also want to work with a company that gives you a soup to nuts solution for marketing that special sale or holiday event. The right company should be able to tell you their auto dealer event best sellers out of the box so you have a better idea what to shop for.


Auto Dealer Event Supplies: Bringing It Home

Auto dealer marketing is all about attitude. The right attitude amongst your sales staff is important, but what’s on your walls, hanging from your ceiling and the overall look of your dealership should encourage enthusiasm, impart an in-depth customer service mission and begin the sales process before your customer is event greeted.


Do your event supplies communicate enthusiasm before your customer even walks through the door? Let us help you find the right materials to get the buying process started!

Welcome to the New Sale-In-A-Box! September 08 2014

The SIAB team is so excited to announce our new, commerce-friendly website! We'll be using this space to communicate the latest news, sales and product info from our company to yours.

Here's to a successful 2014 - and to helping you get the sale!

-The SIAB Team

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