Truck Dealer Event Supplies October 10 2014

There's no better time than fall to sell trucks. With our new fall theme in the limelight, we can give you all the supplies you need to get as many trucks off your lot as possible!


The Right Truck Dealer Event Supplies

There’s nothing more annoying than piecing together different promotional materials from different places. Sale-In-A-Box is about the ultimate value. Our customers are telling us what we already know – the custom-designed kits we create and the inclusive nature of the offering come at a price that can’t be beat anywhere else.

This is why it’s so important for dealerships with a truck sale going on to consider a more inclusive package rather than piecing random advertising materials together. When your customers are thinking trucks, they’re thinking big, bold machines, often with varying colors. They’re thinking power – stability, reliability and warranty.

With the right advertising materials, you can communicate how big your sale truly is to your customers. Try putting truck event frontage signs out in front of your dealership when your sale starts. Add colorful sky buster balloons so your dealership can be seen from far away.

Create customized mail or digital materials based on the themes you buy from us so customers will see your truck dealer event supplies across platforms. The more you reach out to customers, they more likely they are to know about and visit your truck sale. As you know, customers often plan purchases months in advance and are just waiting for the right sale. Why not give them what they want?

Check out our Truck Dealer Event Supplies today!

Auto Banners October 01 2014

There’s something about a colorful auto banner that changes a dealership. Whether you’re advertising a year end event, a special holiday sale or an overstock sale, the right auto banner lets customers know you mean business.


Choosing Your Auto Banner

First, it’s important to determine what will stand out about your sale. You don’t want to use the same materials as the dealership across the street. When it comes to making yourself stand out, take a look around you and get an idea of what sales your competitors may have going on from week to week.

You can then take this information and make some educated choices about what auto banners and other marketing materials your customers might want to see. Every dealership in town is different – making yourself stand out by choosing the right auto banner and other car marketing materials can make all the difference.


Stick With What You Know


If you know what your most successful sales are from year to year, it’s pretty easy to make decisions about which sales a colorful auto banner or other marketing collateral might help you with. Sit down with your marketing team, take a look at what’s selling and what times of year you get the most revenue and then decide on a theme.

We have themes that work with just about every sale you can think of and are happy to create custom themes for you. All our sales kits come with an auto banner, auto balloons, pennants and all the marketing materials you need to make your sales stand out!

Take a look at our auto banner collection and get started with a look that’s right for your dealership and sale!

Car Dealer Event Supplies September 24 2014


Looking for great Car Dealer Event Supplies? We can help!


car dealer event suppliesWe’re constantly looking for ways to improve our materials. We’re going to keep making the best seasonal and top selling themed sales kits, posters, banners and other advertising collateral for you to choose from. Most customers purchase our kits for convenience. If you’re hosting a sale for your customers, you don’t want to have to worry about where you’re getting your pennant sets, balloons, posters or hang tags. Our kits provide everything you need to ensure your dealership’s sales are recognized, from the road and beyond.

Here’s how to make the most out of your car dealer event supplies from Sale-in-a-Box:


  • Set up a promotional calendar for your dealership and order materials monthly or quarterly. When you plan ahead, you’ll have all the events you need come sales time.
  • Ask your customers what types of materials they’d like to see. Questions like, “What brought you in today?” and “What do you think of these posters?” may get you a one line answer, but that one line could be all you need to understand what your customers are thinking.
  • Remember that data helps you sell. Take a look at your online assets – how are people using your website and what are they responding to? Are direct mail campaigns bringing people in? Order your dealer event supplies based on what the data tells you customers will respond to.
  • Coordinate colors. Customers respond to coordination, so select your kits based on your dealership colors, the color of vehicles in your showroom, etc.

We love selling these kits to you because we know we’re giving you a top quality product. Our value can’t be beat! We welcome any questions or feedback that will help improve your experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions!


Thanks to all our great customers!

-The SIAB Team

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