Used Car Dealer Event Supplies October 11 2014

There are tons of people out there looking for used cars. The right deal can make sense for anyone if you’re willing to put advertising materials out there that make all the difference.

We know how much direct mail visuals can help promote a sale – but what about used car dealer event supplies that will truly make your dealership stand out from the rest? Whether you’re doing a run-of-the-mill sale, a seasonal event or pushing a certain type of car at your dealership, making sure you’re using advertising messaging that stands out can make a huge difference.



Used Car Dealer Event Supplies that Shine


Buying the right sales materials that are sturdy and stand up to the test of time can make a huge difference for your dealership. Truly stand-out frontage signs, dealership posters, banners and pennants can be used again and again year after year if they’re taken care of properly. A one-time investment can stretch into something you can use season after season if you keep posters and pennants looking nice.

Obviously some normal wear and tear is possible – if you do happen to buy a kit from us and your pennant flags are damaged, you can buy 100 feet of pennant flags for a reasonable price to replace the damaged ones. You can also always buy loose balloons, balloon ribbon and other accessories to replace the balloons you use in your kit.

Why not work with used car dealer event supplies that you can reuse, reorder and work with again and again as needed?

Car Dealership Flags October 03 2014

Car dealership flags have the ability to enhance your offering and entice folks to visit your dealership. Many of us automatically think ‘auto sales’ when we see those colorful little flags strung up just about anywhere.

These car dealership flags – or pennant flags – invoke one word: celebration. For many people, buying a car can be a major life event. This is a purchase that represents freedom, financial responsibility and of course mobility. For those who’ve never owned a car, the experience of buying a new vehicle is one they’ll never forget. This momentous occasion needs to be remembered through the use of auto collateral that really hits hard and makes customers feel as if they’re at a celebration.


Using Car Dealership Flags

Dealership pennant flags need to be strung wherever a customer might fully experience them. Whether in the sun or shade, indoors to mark a clearance event or outdoors to make your dealership visible from the highway or a public road, pennant flags can represent your brand or special sale. They radiate an atmosphere of enthusiasm or celebration – just like a birthday party, new car ownership is something to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Car dealership flags are even more useful when they’re combined with exciting advertising materials as part of one of our sales kits. Enjoy our Fall Clearance, Super Sale or Black Book Buy kits. Each of these kits come with car dealership flags as well as a variety of other marketing materials to build enthusiasm and engagement at your dealership.

Auto Banners October 01 2014

There’s something about a colorful auto banner that changes a dealership. Whether you’re advertising a year end event, a special holiday sale or an overstock sale, the right auto banner lets customers know you mean business.


Choosing Your Auto Banner

First, it’s important to determine what will stand out about your sale. You don’t want to use the same materials as the dealership across the street. When it comes to making yourself stand out, take a look around you and get an idea of what sales your competitors may have going on from week to week.

You can then take this information and make some educated choices about what auto banners and other marketing materials your customers might want to see. Every dealership in town is different – making yourself stand out by choosing the right auto banner and other car marketing materials can make all the difference.


Stick With What You Know


If you know what your most successful sales are from year to year, it’s pretty easy to make decisions about which sales a colorful auto banner or other marketing collateral might help you with. Sit down with your marketing team, take a look at what’s selling and what times of year you get the most revenue and then decide on a theme.

We have themes that work with just about every sale you can think of and are happy to create custom themes for you. All our sales kits come with an auto banner, auto balloons, pennants and all the marketing materials you need to make your sales stand out!

Take a look at our auto banner collection and get started with a look that’s right for your dealership and sale!

Auto Balloons September 26 2014

There’s something about a cluster of colorful balloons that draws attention to a dealership. Whether a special sale is announced from the road or a skybuster balloon can be seen from miles away, our attraction to balloons is clearly a takeaway from childhood.


Auto Balloons for Your Dealership

When you’re selecting the right auto balloons for your busy showroom or to accentuate your outdoor displays, take the landscape of your dealership into account. Ask yourself the following questions:

Will putting a cluster of auto balloons somewhere near a corner obstruct walking or driving visibility and become an annoyance – or will they catch the eye of someone driving or otherwise passing by?

Is your dealership situated somewhere that will showcase a skybuster, or will a giant balloon be obstructed by an overpass or simply not be visible?

How can you create an environment that gets your customers excited and inspires them to see your value as a dealer, without using too much or too little in terms of your marketing collateral?



When Should I Use Auto Balloons?

Auto balloons of various colors and sizes can clearly be an asset to your dealership, particularly when you’re thinking about a monster sale. Anything that grabs attention and gets people through the door is something worth trying.

We have several great balloon options featured in our dealership marketing kits as well as balloon packs marked for individual sale. Some ideas to check out:


17" Tuff Tex Auto Balloons

24" Tuff Tex Auto Balloons

Sky Buster Auto Balloons



As always, we’d love to chat with you about your dealership’s individual needs and help you discover auto marketing materials - including auto balloons – that will take your marketing to the next level!

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