Truck Dealer Event Supplies October 10 2014

There's no better time than fall to sell trucks. With our new fall theme in the limelight, we can give you all the supplies you need to get as many trucks off your lot as possible!


The Right Truck Dealer Event Supplies

There’s nothing more annoying than piecing together different promotional materials from different places. Sale-In-A-Box is about the ultimate value. Our customers are telling us what we already know – the custom-designed kits we create and the inclusive nature of the offering come at a price that can’t be beat anywhere else.

This is why it’s so important for dealerships with a truck sale going on to consider a more inclusive package rather than piecing random advertising materials together. When your customers are thinking trucks, they’re thinking big, bold machines, often with varying colors. They’re thinking power – stability, reliability and warranty.

With the right advertising materials, you can communicate how big your sale truly is to your customers. Try putting truck event frontage signs out in front of your dealership when your sale starts. Add colorful sky buster balloons so your dealership can be seen from far away.

Create customized mail or digital materials based on the themes you buy from us so customers will see your truck dealer event supplies across platforms. The more you reach out to customers, they more likely they are to know about and visit your truck sale. As you know, customers often plan purchases months in advance and are just waiting for the right sale. Why not give them what they want?

Check out our Truck Dealer Event Supplies today!

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