1. Sales Meetings 2. Banners 3. Pennant Strings 4. Event Hang Tags 5. Showroom Posters
6. Office Posters 7. Jumbo Balloons 8. Event Badges 9. Event Pens

10. Customer Greetings and




6-Foot Cloud Buster Balloons

Our 6-Foot Cloud Buster Balloons are another effective way to draw attention to your dealership.

Attach a Sale-in-a-Box 100’ Pennant String to the Balloon for a great look.


Easy Installation

  1. Secure one end of Pennant String to sturdy anchor and have the other end ready to tie on Balloon.
  2. Inflate Balloon.
  3. Tie Pennant String around the neck of the Balloon.
  4. Twist and fold neck of Balloon up. Cinch neck with zip/cable tie.


Media Elements

Sale-in-a-Box even makes advertising your Event easier!
Drive more traffic to your dealership by combining our coordinated Media Elements with your Event. Professionally produced using the latest technology, these elements can be easily customized with your dealership’s information by local media outlets or advertising agencies.


Featuring the latest computer animation, high-tech graphics, professional voice-over talent, digital music and sound effects, these TV commercials include “blank areas” of various lengths for your dealership’s information.


Featuring custom music beds, professional voice-over talent and digital sound effects, these radio commercials include “blank areas” of various lengths for your dealership’s information.


Our unique newspaper/print ad templates include common full, half and quarter-page variations in both color and black & white. These layouts are ready to be customized with your dealership’s information.


Our animated “Event Hang Tag” can easily be featured on your dealership’s website during your Event.





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