Step Two: Event Banners

Banners which can be hung in the showroom, on the front of your building, over the service drive or between two light poles — anywhere the most customers will see them. Find the best place to consistently put the Banners every time you run a Sale-in-a-Box Event at your dealership.


If you’re hanging your Banners in a windy area, make a number of “half-moon” shaped cuts in the vinyl as indicated above. This not only allows for airflow, but it will help prevent wind damage to the Banner.




Included in your Sale-in-a-Box Ultimate Event Package is a roll of nylon rope to help hang your Banners. To hang a Banner between two light poles, you may want to install permanent high-tension cables between the poles, above and below where the Banner will go. This way, the rope can be used to keep the Banner taut and plastic zip-ties through the Banner’s brass grommets attach it to the cable.



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