1. Sales Meetings 2. Banners 3. Pennant Strings 4. Event Hang Tags 5. Showroom Posters
6. Office Posters 7. Jumbo Balloons 8. Event Badges 9. Event Pens

10. Customer Greetings and


Step Ten: Customer Greetings


“Thank you for calling Anytown Motors. Are you calling about our Ultimate Red Tag Sale?”

When customer greetings are modified to introduce and support your Event, it can pay off in many ways. Those calling about the sale will get confirmation up front that your Event is happening NOW! Those who didn’t know about the Event will know that something special is happening at your dealership. You never know who may be in the market for a vehicle, even if they are calling into your service and parts departments.

“Welcome to Anytown Motors. My name is Joe. Are you here to take advantage of our Ultimate Red Tag Sale?”
When salespeople greet customers on the lot and include the Event name in their greeting, it makes for a great first impression. Customers are convinced they have arrived at the right time and they have an opportunity to get a terrific deal!

“Hi, this is Joe Salesman from Anytown Motors. The reason for my call is to share with you some great opportunities that are available during our Ultimate Red Tag Sale.”
Your Event is also a great reason to call “be-backs,” referrals and previous customers. The urgency created by the Event helps turn shoppers into buyers today.

Ask your Sale-in-a-Box Account Manager to email you sample scripts that you can use in your sales meeting before your Event.


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