1. Sales Meetings 2. Banners 3. Pennant Strings 4. Event Hang Tags 5. Showroom Posters
6. Office Posters 7. Jumbo Balloons 8. Event Badges 9. Event Pens

10. Customer Greetings and


Step Four: Event Hang Tags


Place Event Hang Tags on the rear-view mirror of every vehicle available during your Event. One side of the Hang Tag has space for a price or special offer and the other side features the full-size Event logo. Even if a vehicle doesn’t have a specific offer during the Event, make sure it has a Hang Tag or your customers may overlook it.


Write ‘SOLD’ on the Hang Tag for each vehicle that is sold during your Event and put those Hang Tags on a wall in your showroom. Customers will see that others are taking advantage of the deals and it creates a friendly competition within your sales team.











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