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Blowout sales, holiday sales, tent events, truck month - you name it and we make it. We have themed boxes full of the right materials to help you promote your sales.

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Promote Location

You want your customers to shop at your location! Sales materials stop customers in their tracks and make them want to buy now so they don't miss out.

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Make Money

If you aren't making sales you aren't making money. Our boxes help you sell without all the hassle! Get customers excited and your inventory moving.

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We Know the Business.

 With over 15 years and 30 million dollars worth of experience, Sale-In-A-Box knows better than anyone how to build excitement and a sense of urgency for your next sales event. With the right banners, balloons, pennants and signs outside your location your street traffic will instantly see something BIG is going on! Once your customers enter your showroom with a full complement of matching decorations they will feel compelled to buy immediately and take advantage of your great deals!

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