1. Sales Meetings 2. Banners 3. Pennant Strings 4. Event Hang Tags 5. Showroom Posters
6. Office Posters 7. Jumbo Balloons 8. Event Badges 9. Event Pens

10. Customer Greetings and


Step Seven: Jumbo Balloons

Helium Balloons add color, interest and fun to any environment. Your Sale-in-a-Box Ultimate Event Package includes at least two colors of heavy-duty 17” Balloons. Indoor Balloon displays are easier to maintain and will last longer than displays outdoors where heat can cause helium to deplete.

To grab attention and get the best effect, use a bouquet of three Balloons on a vehicle rather than the common single Balloon. 

Float Balloons from the ceiling and attach Hang Tags to the ribbon so they dangle above your customers. This is a great look!




Fill a few Balloons with sand or dirt to act as weights for Balloon bouquets.



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