1. Sales Meetings 2. Banners 3. Pennant Strings 4. Event Hang Tags 5. Showroom Posters
6. Office Posters 7. Jumbo Balloons 8. Event Badges 9. Event Pens

10. Customer Greetings and

Step One: Sales Meetings

 Sales meetings are a great way to introduce the Sale-in-a-Box Ultimate Event Package to your team. You can explain the concept, give them the vision and build anticipation for the exciting “change of atmosphere” that’s about to happen in their workplace. Clear communication with your team is important because they are essential to a successful Sales Event. 

The day before the Event, plan a time for everyone to gather and participate in creating your new atmosphere — more hands will make it happen a lot faster. Plus, personal investment of their time and effort will keep the staff involved, energized, supportive and beaming with pride throughout the Event.




The materials included in your Sale-in-a-Box Ultimate Event Package were designed to all work together for maximum effect. Remember, the goal is to design an atmosphere that will be visible both inside and outside your dealership so that each customer and employee says “WOW” when they arrive.






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