SIAB Managed Social Media

$ 1,250.00

SHIPPING NOTE: Please allow 3-5 business days for themes and accessories to ship.

So you have a Facebook, a Twitter and a profile on popular car rating and local business services. You auto schedule your posts - or maybe you're barely posting at all. You have someone in the office handling this for you, but are you really making the most of your social media program?

Sale-In-A-Box is excited to present customized social media management based on your dealership's unique needs. Whether your dealership is located in the middle of a big city or you're part of a smaller community - whether you've done business with us before or whether you have social media assets currently set up, our team can help you!

We'd love to chat more about your company's needs and hook you up with the right social media plan! We'd love to chat with you about how we can best assist your business - drop us a line and we'll set up a call with you today!

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