Are you ready to hold a sale at your showroom or dealership but not quite sure where to start?
We offer two types of marketing sales kits: Showroom and Digital.

Showroom Car Marketing Sales Kits
Showroom Sale Kits include the physical elements you need to promote your sale in your dealership or showroom.

These marketing kits include the banners, posters and hang tags you need to draw people in and make sales.
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Online Dealership Marketing Sales Kits
Digital Sale Kits include all the web optimized graphics you need to promote your sale online.

Use these graphics to tell your online audience about your sale via your website, company newsletter or your Facebook page.
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We also have all the accessories and extras you could need including pennants, sky buster balloons, yard signs and digital graphics that will really take your sale to the next level!
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With over 15 years and 30 million dollars worth of experience, we know better than anyone how to build excitement and a sense of urgency for your next sales event.

With the right banners, balloons, pennants and signs outside your location your street traffic will instantly see something BIG is going on! Once your customers enter your showroom with a full complement of matching decorations they will feel compelled to take advantage of your great deals and buy immediately!

Blowout sales event? Holiday sales? Tent events? Truck month? You name it and we have the car sale theme you need and will ship a box full of the perfect posters, banners and hang tags right to your dealership or showroom door.

We also offer everything you need to take your sale to the next level by promoting it online! Website, email and Facebook graphics that match your dealership sale theme offer the perfect complement to your showroom sale and help get the word out to your customers in a whole new way.

If you aren't making sales you aren't making money. Our sale theme kits help you sell cars and trucks without all the hassle! Get customers excited and your inventory moving with a Sale in a Box!


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