Increase Foot Traffic To Your Store with Sale-In-A-Box March 01 2016

You already have your storefront visible from a main highway or high traffic street. Your inventory is ready to sell and you have some advertising in place to target shoppers. What's next? Getting the right auto merchandising materials for your store. 

To have potential shoppers test drive your store and ultimately choose your lot over the competition. In addition to your efforts, Sale-In-A-Box and ADS Auto Marketing can help!

Sale-In-A-Box kits add a boost to your sales event by offering the automotive marketing supplies you need to draw customers in. Every kit includes a 3 x 25 foot auto banner that will definitely be noticed from a distance. You can also customize your kit to deck your dealership out with extra car dealership flags, auto balloons, vehicle posters and more. Why stop there? Upgrade with a digital kit for a consistent message customers will notice on your website, social media channels and your lot.

With Spring just around the corner, your potential buyers will also be out and about. Our car marketing supplies can come in handy for off-site events and promotion as well, with items like Yard Sale Signs. Start planning for that Spring traffic today and stay ahead of the game!

Don't see anything you like? We can save you some time and help you design a custom kit in preparation for your big sale (5 day production time). Contact or call 800-426-0862 to place your order for auto dealer event supplies today!

Are you Leveraging Your Social Media? August 31 2015

If you have a social media account, you’re probably making regular posts and trying to connect with your audience. You might’ve even hired a special marketer to manage all of your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. But, are you really doing enough when it comes to social media marketing?

Sale in a box is thrilled to offer you a complete option for managing your social media accounts! Big dealers and small dealers alike will find that this option works great and frees you up to take car of other moneymaking tasks! We can customize this offer to meet your dealer’s specific needs for your market segment.

We can also figure out what your customers think about you with our Reputation Management Services! If you’ve wondered what your social media presence says about you or worried about negative reviews you might’ve seen on the web, this service is perfect. In the long run, marketing materials and direct mailings won’t do much for a dealer who has a negative reputation. But with this service, we can help you figure out how to deal with any negative feedback regarding all aspects of your dealership!

Social media can be a great way to market your business but it also comes with pitfalls. One negative experience by a customer can be shared with thousands of people to the detriment of your reputation. Let Sale in a Box help you manage your marketing needs including social media accounts and your reputation!


Are You Ready for Labor Day? August 18 2015

Did you know that Labor Day is one of the busiest times for car sales? It’s true! Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall and that means that you’ll be getting a lot of foot traffic in your dealership. The time to start advertising for your Memorial Day sale is now and we’ve made it easy for you to do so with our great products.

Our Labor Day banner will make it clear to potential customers that your dealership is the place to go to buy a new car. With its patriotic color scheme of red, white, and blue across a backdrop of the USA, your customers will know you’re ready to wheel and deal this Labor Day weekend.

If you’re in need for something to start you off right, check out our starter kit! Sale in a Box has all the right marketing supplies to make sure you’re having a successful, busy Labor Day and with our excellent customer service, you’re sure to become a return customer.

We’re also able to work with you to design customized marketing materials for your sales. These materials are top-notch and designed by people who really know the automotive industry and what types of materials appeal to and attract a strong customer base.

Our business is made from making you number one in your area and among your peers: we want you to succeed because that means Sale in a Box succeeds! Come to us for all of your car dealership marketing needs and let us help you take your sales to the next level!


Prepare for End of Summer Madness! August 11 2015

Have you thought about the end of summer rush that you can expect at your dealership this year? End of summer means students returning to school, college kids leaving the nest, and can spell big dividends for your dealership, but only if you plan for it!

Don’t be caught off guard as the summer season winds down: Sale in a box has everything you need to run a successful marketing campaign. From our Sizzlin’ Summer banner with bright orange and red lettering that really stands out, to our Baseball themed banner that celebrates the sport of summer, we have all your needs covered!

If you need to go back to basics, our starter kit is perfect! But if you’re in the mood for something that’s a little more personalized, we can help with that. Our Create Your Own Box allows you to add your own themes and logos to a number of our items including banners, hang tags, pens, and a wide assortment of other promotional material.

Sale in a Box can also work with you to come up with customized radio and television spots, boosting your marketing at a critical time! Radio and TV spots showcase the enthusiasm surrounding your dealership and can really bring in the customers!

The more assets that you have to advertise and market to your customers, the better! The excitement to build your business will continue through the Fall but now is the time to spread word of mouth and build those solid relationships that mean repeat business for your dealership!


How to Have a Successful Sales Event August 04 2015

Those in the know; know that successful sales events require a lot of planning! It’s important that your sales team is on board with your concept and understands the expectations required of them. It all starts with a sales team meeting to pass along pertinent information about an upcoming sale and to boost your employee’s attitudes and confidence!

Make sure you have plenty of time to display the marketing material from Sale in a Box: start at least the day before the sale is to kick off! Getting your showroom floor sales ready requires commitment from your sales team to create an environment that’s visible both inside and outside of the showroom floor. If your employees say ‘wow’ to the concept and promotional materials, your customers are sure to follow!

Banners can be hung in the showroom floor or on the front of your building to advertise your sale and highlight the cars on the showroom floor! Banners from Sale in a Box are bright, large, and easily visible from both inside and outside the dealership. Hang the banners between two sturdy fixtures and if you’re hanging them outside or in a windy area, make sure to follow the directions to ensure airflow!

If you’ve got an extra special vehicle on display, pennant string is an easy and affordable way to not only showcase the vehicle but to create a barrier so customers know they aren’t to touch the car! Our pennants are crafted to create an eye-catching display and can be used inside or outside. Get one of our starter kits and get started today!

Memorial Day Madness - Car Dealer Holiday Supplies May 24 2015

Don’t be caught off guard this Memorial Day weekend as “it typically marks the start of the summer”. Too often we are waiting for the weather to be better and warmer before we start our sales events! Before you know it that weekend will be here!

Let your customers know you are ready for them by being prepared with our patriotic Memorial Day Madness themed kit or our patriotic Red White & Blue theme with added red white and blue balloons to show your community and your customers you are ready to make some deals and sells to start off their summer with a new vehicle they can drive on their vacation this year!

Keep in mind that if you're in the mood for a starter kit, we've got something for you. Our memorial day car dealership marketing supplies are meant to give your dealership the boost you need to take things to the next level. Plus, our top-notch customer service is always available to get you to where you need to be with your customers.

We're happy to work with you to create a custom Memorial Day Kit - including custom car dealer radio and TV spots - to really dazzle your customers and help you to sell more cars than ever.

Remember, if you don’t sell we don’t sell! Our business is boosted every day by the success of your own car dealership marketing efforts - let us show you how our marketing can help you take things to the next level for your business and your customers.

We Need to Listen - Car Dealer Event Marketing May 17 2015

As our business grows so do the changing wants and needs of our customers. We have to learn to listen - so we at Sale-in-a-Box have been listening to our customers, you, just as you have the need to listen to your customers in order to meet their changing wants and needs. By listening to you we can now say we have added some changes to our website and are excited to now pass them onto you.

You will now see the new changes in the following ways:

  1. New bright colored eye-catching generic themes for you to display anytime of the year, no matter what the season is.


  • Automotive Short Sale
  • Crazy Clearance Sale
  • Clearance Sale
  • Vehicle Exchange Event
  • Now Open


  1. A new starter size kit that includes the basic items you need to help promote your sale and your location with the following items:


  • 1     -  3' x 25' Banner
  • 100 -  Hang Tags
  • 6 -  24" x 36" Showroom Posters
  • 25   -  Pens
  • 2     -  100' Pennant String
  • 72 -  17" Balloons
  • 1     -  500 Yard Roll Balloon Ribbon


We are here to help you and listen to you because if you don’t sell, we don’t sell!


Our automotive marketing supplies are top-notch and some of the best in the industry - we're confident that after working with us for some time, you'll be able to say you're getting a great deal! Both old and new customers welcome!


Car Dealership Event Marketing January 05 2015

The new year is upon us, and now more than ever it's time to think about the ultimate value that your dealership is bringing to your customers. How that value is reflected in the way your dealership looks and the experience a customer has when they visit you really defines whether or not you will get the sale.

We don't just make merchandise for you to hang on your walls and pass out to customers because it sells. We do what we do ultimately because we want to help you sell cars. If our auto marketing dealer event supplies aren’t helping you achieve that purpose, we’ve missed the mark.

Car Dealership Event Marketing

Selling automobiles requires a fine-tuned process that starts from the bottom up-your sales people, the way your dealership looks and the way you interact with your customers define whether or not you will get the sale. If our materials didn't help dealerships get sales we would stop selling them. Period.

We know what dealers are looking for because we've been dealers ourselves. The Brooks family has decades of experience with selling cars and getting the perfect sale for customers. It's incredibly important for us to ensure that the atmosphere of your dealership reflects a sales ready environment that will keep you in business for years to come.

Our Exciting Themes

This month, we're excited to bring our New Year's theme back as part of our seasonal theme lineup. We create boxes for car dealers that reflect the attitude of your dealership, the personality and and enthusiasm of your sales people and the special deals you have to offer.


Our Exciting Holiday and Loose Stock Sales! December 18 2014



Check out our clearance here!

Car Dealer Digital Marketing December 11 2014

Digital marketing for car dealers is something we’ve been talking about around here lately. For starters, it makes sense that digital marketing processes should be something car dealers can understand.

Have you ever visited a marketing website literally loaded with tons of over-your-head lingo? It’s almost as if car dealer digital marketing companies want to prove they’re smarter than the rest of us. To be honest, the proof is in the pudding – the right car dealer marketing is about data and it’s about results. There’s nothing else more important in the digital realm than gathering data that truly illustrates how your customers buy and what you can do to sell more cars.

We see many of our dealers working with social media these days. Facebook and Twitter offer incredible ways to connect with clients. Whether you’re setting up a contest, engaging directly or solving problems for customers, just about everyone is on Facebook and it’s a great way to start your car dealer marketing campaigns.

Reputation management is important. If you’re not out there monitoring what’s said about you on the web, you could be creating a situation where unhappy customers are never addressed. Prospective buyers watch this kind of thing – they want to know if you’re servicing customers in the best possible way and paying attention to what’s said about you. Solving complaints is part of what every dealership should be doing to ensure future business.

We’d love to tell you more about our digital marketing packages for car dealers – chat with us today and let’s make it happen!

Does Feeling Make Dealership Marketing Matter? December 01 2014

In this ADS blog, we talk about why marketing is about feeling. Often in the automotive marketing world, we forget that desperation to make the sale can spill over into what the customer sees or feels about us. If customers don’t feel they’re really getting top-level treatment when they visit your dealership, you’re going to lose the sale before you even get the process started.

Feeling is a key ingredient in car sales. There are a variety of factors that can help your clients get that feel good vibe from you, increasing trust and the possibility your customer interactions could end up as a sale.

One big one to consider is community involvement. When you’re a visible presence in your community, the way people feel about you changes. You’re seen at events. Your brand is known. Your commercials, emails, mailers and other advertisements become more quickly recognizable. It’s a great way to make sure your dealership stays stuck in the minds of the public.

Additionally, a car dealership that doesn’t have a good rep in the community simply won’t be around for long. This is why branding and imagery are important – having the right images available for customers to recognize you or associate you with savings, value and a dealer they can rely on is highly meaningful.

The take-home: Marketing materials aren’t just about making the sale and they aren’t just about decorating your dealership. Showing unity with community goals is possible when you set yourself apart with the right branding and imagery. Maybe it’s time to take stock of your imagery and discover how it makes your marketing matter to the right customers.

New Automotive Dealer Marketing Offerings Just For You! November 28 2014

In case you hadn’t noticed, today is Black Friday. Our Black Friday theme has been by and large one of our most popular this season – and we’re just getting started!

Here at Sale-In-a-Box, we’re looking to expand our business and provide you with more cost-saving, fully integrative technologies to make your dealership stand out from the rest. The more assets you have to get your customers engaged and excited about what you have to offer, the better chance you have of being your customer’s go-to when he or she needs a new car or truck.

When it comes to the right automotive dealer marketing, the proof is in the pudding. The excitement you build in your dealership will carry through the holidays. As anyone in any business knows, word of mouth is absolutely everything – it’s critical to build excitement and maintain relationships before customers even enter your dealership.



Automotive Dealer Marketing


We’re excited to present you with time and money-saving opportunities that will align your automobile dealer marketing like never before. Some of our more recent offerings include:

  • TV and Radio promotion. Your marketing deserves a boost during the holidays – and custom or stock-created radio and television promotions build enthusiasm about your dealership before customers even walk through the doors.
  • Create-Your-Own-Box offerings. Our boxes save time and money and give you a 100% customizable holiday experience – and now, our box offerings can be changed up to include your dealership logo and branding.

These are just a few of our automotive dealer marketing assets we’re rolling out. Stay tuned for more roll outs – and feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to be on our discount and promo mailing list!

Car Dealership Marketing the Right Way November 21 2014

You want to get customers engaged and excited – of course you do. That’s a big part of the experience that makes sure you’re selling cars and hitting your numbers. Excitement comes not only from the enthusiasm of your work force – particularly your sales team – but also from the kind of stage you set when customers enter your business and prepare to buy from you.

We create sales collateral for dealerships because we know this business. The people behind the screens here at Sale-In-A-Box are seasoned veterans when it comes to car sales. Many of us have been automotive salespeople in the past, so we know what it takes to create the attitudes that will sell cars. With the right environment, the sales you’re looking for can happen.


Setting the Stage


Take a look at our “How It Works” section to get some ideas on where to hang the collateral you purchase from us. In addition to placement, timing is one key point we focus on throughout our promotional emails. It’s key to make sure your posters, banners, balloons and pennant flags are hung up at the appropriate time. If you don’t have a marketing calendar ready, it makes sense to sit down, plans things out and purchase your kits well before those sales get started.

We’d be glad to help you create your own box or design custom marketing materials for you. It’s all part of the service we provide – and with our create-your-own-box deal, you can customize your experience so you’ll get exactly what you need.

Holiday Car Dealer Marketing: What We Offer November 10 2014

Our huge discount clearance is going on right now, and we’re excited. We have plenty of loose inventory we’re glad to move off the shelves. Have you heard about the big sale?

Car dealer marketing is our business and we all know the end of the year is a great time to get your dealership’s special sale going. Your customers need you to give them options so they’re sure they’re getting the most out of their marketing materials and moving cars off the lot. We’re happy to help with some of the following great holiday themes:

Holiday Inventory Wipeout

This is one of our favorite themes because it really sells for our customers. Clients see holiday sales everywhere and are pretty used to it by now – but when it comes to a larger ticket item like a care, emphasizing your dealership is doing something a little different for the holidays can set the right attitude in your dealership.

Turkey Day Trade-a-Way

We all know Thanksgiving is this month. While many of us are preparing for holiday sales, we tend to forget Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s time to take advantage of some Thanksgiving holiday advertising to get clients in the mood to buy. Many people look for November or year-end sales, so this type of advertising can be highly effective in terms of getting customers into the dealership to buy.

We’re also happy to Create a Box for you! Many of our customers are now taking advantage of this special offer to create customized collateral that really performs.

Happy Holidays!

The Right Vehicle Dealer Marketing Goes a Long Way November 03 2014

Vehicle dealer marketing isn’t about cramming all the sales materials you can find into your dealership. It’s about selecting and refining materials that fit your specific promotions and your unique needs.

Here at SIAB, we have an expression we use when we talk about assembling kits from assets bought at various dealers. We call it ‘piece mealing’. The difference in value when you buy various vehicle dealer marketing materials from different merchandising stores is evident to your customers.

Vehicle Dealer Marketing Supplies

For instance, you can’t be sure that a ‘royal blue’ at one web store is going to be exactly the same as another company’s royal blue –and so on. The frustration here is that after you shell out all that money on your materials, you may end up with something you still can’t really use.

Imagine how frustrating it is to go from place to place, looking for the right materials. Better yet, imagine how frustrated you’ll feel when you work with a company that doesn’t provide you exactly what you need, and charges exorbitant fees to a la carte all these different items when you could be buying your vehicle dealer marketing supplies from one convenient place?

We're Always Here

We’re here for dealers – we create marketing materials that ensure you get everything you need in one place for that perfect sale. It’s how we operate. And if you have specific questions on a box or order – or want to place a special order – we’re always here to help! We chat with customers on a daily basis and we’re glad to talk to you about that special box.

Used Car Dealer Event Supplies October 11 2014

There are tons of people out there looking for used cars. The right deal can make sense for anyone if you’re willing to put advertising materials out there that make all the difference.

We know how much direct mail visuals can help promote a sale – but what about used car dealer event supplies that will truly make your dealership stand out from the rest? Whether you’re doing a run-of-the-mill sale, a seasonal event or pushing a certain type of car at your dealership, making sure you’re using advertising messaging that stands out can make a huge difference.



Used Car Dealer Event Supplies that Shine


Buying the right sales materials that are sturdy and stand up to the test of time can make a huge difference for your dealership. Truly stand-out frontage signs, dealership posters, banners and pennants can be used again and again year after year if they’re taken care of properly. A one-time investment can stretch into something you can use season after season if you keep posters and pennants looking nice.

Obviously some normal wear and tear is possible – if you do happen to buy a kit from us and your pennant flags are damaged, you can buy 100 feet of pennant flags for a reasonable price to replace the damaged ones. You can also always buy loose balloons, balloon ribbon and other accessories to replace the balloons you use in your kit.

Why not work with used car dealer event supplies that you can reuse, reorder and work with again and again as needed?

Truck Dealer Event Supplies October 10 2014

There's no better time than fall to sell trucks. With our new fall theme in the limelight, we can give you all the supplies you need to get as many trucks off your lot as possible!


The Right Truck Dealer Event Supplies

There’s nothing more annoying than piecing together different promotional materials from different places. Sale-In-A-Box is about the ultimate value. Our customers are telling us what we already know – the custom-designed kits we create and the inclusive nature of the offering come at a price that can’t be beat anywhere else.

This is why it’s so important for dealerships with a truck sale going on to consider a more inclusive package rather than piecing random advertising materials together. When your customers are thinking trucks, they’re thinking big, bold machines, often with varying colors. They’re thinking power – stability, reliability and warranty.

With the right advertising materials, you can communicate how big your sale truly is to your customers. Try putting truck event frontage signs out in front of your dealership when your sale starts. Add colorful sky buster balloons so your dealership can be seen from far away.

Create customized mail or digital materials based on the themes you buy from us so customers will see your truck dealer event supplies across platforms. The more you reach out to customers, they more likely they are to know about and visit your truck sale. As you know, customers often plan purchases months in advance and are just waiting for the right sale. Why not give them what they want?

Check out our Truck Dealer Event Supplies today!

Car Dealership Flags October 03 2014

Car dealership flags have the ability to enhance your offering and entice folks to visit your dealership. Many of us automatically think ‘auto sales’ when we see those colorful little flags strung up just about anywhere.

These car dealership flags – or pennant flags – invoke one word: celebration. For many people, buying a car can be a major life event. This is a purchase that represents freedom, financial responsibility and of course mobility. For those who’ve never owned a car, the experience of buying a new vehicle is one they’ll never forget. This momentous occasion needs to be remembered through the use of auto collateral that really hits hard and makes customers feel as if they’re at a celebration.


Using Car Dealership Flags

Dealership pennant flags need to be strung wherever a customer might fully experience them. Whether in the sun or shade, indoors to mark a clearance event or outdoors to make your dealership visible from the highway or a public road, pennant flags can represent your brand or special sale. They radiate an atmosphere of enthusiasm or celebration – just like a birthday party, new car ownership is something to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Car dealership flags are even more useful when they’re combined with exciting advertising materials as part of one of our sales kits. Enjoy our Fall Clearance, Super Sale or Black Book Buy kits. Each of these kits come with car dealership flags as well as a variety of other marketing materials to build enthusiasm and engagement at your dealership.

Car Sales Supplies October 02 2014

Where do you find the right car sales supplies? Traditionally you might find yourself running from supplier to supplier, looking for all the components you might need to get your dealership’s sale off the ground. Some traditional advertising pieces you might be looking for when your dealership has a sale include:

  • Pennants
  • Auto balloons
  • Auto banner sets
  • Hang tags
  • Frontage signs

Regardless of what promo materials you’re looking for, it can get pretty painful when all your needs aren’t met in one place. Calling different supply companies to put together promotional materials can be a real hassle. Why would you want to do that when you’re n the business of selling cars?


Car Sales Supplies, Right To Your Dealership Door


car sales suppliesWhen everything comes in one handy box, you’re able to avoid the ultimate hassle of going to several different places to secure your supplies. Car sales supplies should be the last thing you’re worried about when an important sale is happening. That’s why Sale-in-a-Box came to fruition. We want to provide all the promo materials you need in one convenient place so you no longer need to haggle with different suppliers – or even ordering multiple items from one supplier. Our sales kits have everything you need to get your car sales supplies needs taken care of in one place. From balloons to hang tags to pennants, our handy sales kits have you covered. We’d love to talk more with you about our car sales supplies and why our kits are the right choice for your company!

Auto Banners October 01 2014

There’s something about a colorful auto banner that changes a dealership. Whether you’re advertising a year end event, a special holiday sale or an overstock sale, the right auto banner lets customers know you mean business.


Choosing Your Auto Banner

First, it’s important to determine what will stand out about your sale. You don’t want to use the same materials as the dealership across the street. When it comes to making yourself stand out, take a look around you and get an idea of what sales your competitors may have going on from week to week.

You can then take this information and make some educated choices about what auto banners and other marketing materials your customers might want to see. Every dealership in town is different – making yourself stand out by choosing the right auto banner and other car marketing materials can make all the difference.


Stick With What You Know


If you know what your most successful sales are from year to year, it’s pretty easy to make decisions about which sales a colorful auto banner or other marketing collateral might help you with. Sit down with your marketing team, take a look at what’s selling and what times of year you get the most revenue and then decide on a theme.

We have themes that work with just about every sale you can think of and are happy to create custom themes for you. All our sales kits come with an auto banner, auto balloons, pennants and all the marketing materials you need to make your sales stand out!

Take a look at our auto banner collection and get started with a look that’s right for your dealership and sale!

Auto Balloons September 26 2014

There’s something about a cluster of colorful balloons that draws attention to a dealership. Whether a special sale is announced from the road or a skybuster balloon can be seen from miles away, our attraction to balloons is clearly a takeaway from childhood.


Auto Balloons for Your Dealership

When you’re selecting the right auto balloons for your busy showroom or to accentuate your outdoor displays, take the landscape of your dealership into account. Ask yourself the following questions:

Will putting a cluster of auto balloons somewhere near a corner obstruct walking or driving visibility and become an annoyance – or will they catch the eye of someone driving or otherwise passing by?

Is your dealership situated somewhere that will showcase a skybuster, or will a giant balloon be obstructed by an overpass or simply not be visible?

How can you create an environment that gets your customers excited and inspires them to see your value as a dealer, without using too much or too little in terms of your marketing collateral?



When Should I Use Auto Balloons?

Auto balloons of various colors and sizes can clearly be an asset to your dealership, particularly when you’re thinking about a monster sale. Anything that grabs attention and gets people through the door is something worth trying.

We have several great balloon options featured in our dealership marketing kits as well as balloon packs marked for individual sale. Some ideas to check out:


17" Tuff Tex Auto Balloons

24" Tuff Tex Auto Balloons

Sky Buster Auto Balloons



As always, we’d love to chat with you about your dealership’s individual needs and help you discover auto marketing materials - including auto balloons – that will take your marketing to the next level!

auto balloons

Car Dealer Event Supplies September 24 2014


Looking for great Car Dealer Event Supplies? We can help!


car dealer event suppliesWe’re constantly looking for ways to improve our materials. We’re going to keep making the best seasonal and top selling themed sales kits, posters, banners and other advertising collateral for you to choose from. Most customers purchase our kits for convenience. If you’re hosting a sale for your customers, you don’t want to have to worry about where you’re getting your pennant sets, balloons, posters or hang tags. Our kits provide everything you need to ensure your dealership’s sales are recognized, from the road and beyond.

Here’s how to make the most out of your car dealer event supplies from Sale-in-a-Box:


  • Set up a promotional calendar for your dealership and order materials monthly or quarterly. When you plan ahead, you’ll have all the events you need come sales time.
  • Ask your customers what types of materials they’d like to see. Questions like, “What brought you in today?” and “What do you think of these posters?” may get you a one line answer, but that one line could be all you need to understand what your customers are thinking.
  • Remember that data helps you sell. Take a look at your online assets – how are people using your website and what are they responding to? Are direct mail campaigns bringing people in? Order your dealer event supplies based on what the data tells you customers will respond to.
  • Coordinate colors. Customers respond to coordination, so select your kits based on your dealership colors, the color of vehicles in your showroom, etc.

We love selling these kits to you because we know we’re giving you a top quality product. Our value can’t be beat! We welcome any questions or feedback that will help improve your experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions!


Thanks to all our great customers!

-The SIAB Team

Auto Dealer Event Supplies September 19 2014

When it comes to finding the right auto dealer event supplies for your dealership, don’t just look at getting the most for the lowest price – think about your audience, the time of year and what promotions your dealership will be running in the future.


Any auto marketing supply company can have great out-of-the-box packages, but typically add-ons cost a ton more. Very rarely will you find everything you need in one simple box. At Sale-In-A-Box, we strive to be different. Every pennant, balloon set and banner we put in our boxes give you the auto dealer event supplies that will allow a uniform look and a complete branding package.


Nailing the Right Attitude


If you’d like to go with special colors that match your dealership’s theme, it’s much easier to get materials that all come in one box and work together rather than piece mealing the advertising materials you need. You’ll also want to work with a company that gives you a soup to nuts solution for marketing that special sale or holiday event. The right company should be able to tell you their auto dealer event best sellers out of the box so you have a better idea what to shop for.


Auto Dealer Event Supplies: Bringing It Home

Auto dealer marketing is all about attitude. The right attitude amongst your sales staff is important, but what’s on your walls, hanging from your ceiling and the overall look of your dealership should encourage enthusiasm, impart an in-depth customer service mission and begin the sales process before your customer is event greeted.


Do your event supplies communicate enthusiasm before your customer even walks through the door? Let us help you find the right materials to get the buying process started!

Welcome to the New Sale-In-A-Box! September 08 2014

The SIAB team is so excited to announce our new, commerce-friendly website! We'll be using this space to communicate the latest news, sales and product info from our company to yours.

Here's to a successful 2014 - and to helping you get the sale!

-The SIAB Team

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